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Energy Wealth Transfer, The Market Revolution!

The combined effect of millions of homes and businesses disconnecting from the petroleum pipeline economy and generating their own electricity directly from the sun, would be the single largest transfer of energy wealth in history!

The impact would be life altering!

Analysis forecast solar market would grow from $7 billion to $30 billion in 2010. Solar Energy Markets report an annual growth rates exceeding 30%, and expanding profit margins, Solar Energy is becoming one of the hot profitable industries for investors.

California law already requires investor-owned utilities to generate 20% of their electricity renewably by 2010 and 33% by 2017. This has created a robust market for many renewable technologies, but especially for solar thermal energy, or concentrating solar power (CSP).

Why Invest in Solar Energy?
Solar energy is emerging as an investment opportunity
As current technology improves, costs predicted to drop
Solar power does not affect the food chain, like biofuels
Solar power is expected to play a larger role than wind in providing future electricity supply of the nation
Solar power market is expected to grow 40% a year through 2011

Why Invest in Sunrise Solar?
Pure Energy Production without affecting food chain
Positioned to capitialise on newest technology
Structured to deliver multi-faceted alternative energy solutions
Steadily increasing revenues for our business
Drastically decreased energy costs for our clients
A unique target client experience in this market
Steadily improving solar technology efficiency for our clients
Steadily increasing market share for our business
Strong client retention levels for our business

Press Releases Monday June 1, 2009,
Sunrise Solar Joins Energy Leadership in Washington
...announced today that it’s President, Maurice Stone, is the Chairman of the Energy Committee of the National Black Chamber of Commerce.

Tuesday May 26, 2009
Sunrise Solar Signs Agreement With Macon County, Alabama
...announced today that it has signed an agreement to assist Macon County, Alabama with the implementation of new alternative energy projects.

Monday April 27, 2009
Sunrise Solar Identifies Government Projects
...Management of Sunrise Solar Corp. (OTCBB:SSLR - News) met with government leaders in Washington over the past several weeks to identify specific demonstration projects related to SSLR’s solar energy and alternative energy solutions.

Wednesday April 22 2009
Sunrise Solar Develops Energy Saving Lighting Solutions
...announced that it is now able to deliver energy saving lighting solutions to cities and agencies concerned about high energy consumption from street lights and parking facilities.

thursday April 16 2009
Sunrise Solar Partners With World Conference of Mayors
...announced that it has signed a partnership agreement with The World Conference of Mayors (WCM) to deliver alternative energy products and projects to its members.

wednesday April 15 2009
...Annual Report

Tuesday April 14 2009
Sunrise Solar Meets Government Leaders
...met this week with government leaders in the State of Alabama to discuss green energy solutions for communities in that State. Maurice Stone, Sunrise’s new President, met with both local and State leaders to forge initial alliances aimed at delivering strong green energy technologies to Alabama citizens, businesses and municipalities.

Monday April 6 2009
Sunrise Solar Hires New President
...announced today that it has hired Mr. Maurice Stone as its new President.

Solar Energy Investors

The largest transfer of energy wealth in history is quietly taking place under the very nose of one of the wealthiest energy magnet in North America, T. Boone Pickens!

We will run out of oil! That is a fact known to us since 1970's when we reached Peak. But, we can run out of reasons to keep drilling long before we lost control over our energy needs.

Some think the U.S. could be generating 10% of its electricity from the sun within 10-15 years, and Scientific American published a scheme last year for drawing almost 70% of our power using solar by 2050.

Solar Energy's turning point will come when its production equals or is cheaper than electricity from coal and natural gas. It's a hard to pin-down target, complicated by gyrations in the price of fossil fuels, and a possible deflation in the price of solar-critical polysilicon wafers. 2010-2012 is a possibility according to Barron's Eric Savitz .

Merrill Lynch's Mark Heller noted that solar startups raised more money in 2007-8 than internet stocks did in their 1998 heyday. Industry experts are looking at:

MEMC (WFR) has made a killing on $450/kg polysilicon wafers. Huge amounts of supply coming on line in 2009 have already hurt the stock. The unknown is how much of that is already priced in.

Solar investor Charles Boucher suggests sticking with 'vertically integrated companies' that are not overly exposed to any single element of the solar market. He likes SunPower (SPWR), which makes high-efficiency cells and runs an instillation unit. Also Chinese companies Canadian Solar (CSIQ), Suntech Power (STP) and Yingli (YGE). Akeena (AKNS) is a pure-play bet on U.S. installation that could get hurt if Congress doesn't renew the tax credit.

Lehman's Vishal Shah likes First Solar (FSLR) - the biggest solar play. It is not exposed to poly pricing, because it uses cadmium telluride, which produces cheaper electricity than poly prices and will continue to until poly hits $70/kg. JA Solar (JASO) could double its capacity without new funds, he says. He notes the China plays, with big exposure to Spain, could rally 50% if the subsidy cut comes it at the low end.

Solar Energy Exchange Traded Fund (EFTs)

In April, Claymore Securities launched the first Solar-Energy Exchange-Traded Fund (EFT), Claymore/MAC Global Solar Energy Index (Symbol: TAN). Van Eck Global followed a few days later with the similar Market Vectors -- Solar Energy ETF (Symbol: KWT). An ETF resembles a traditional mutual fund but trades on an exchange like a stock.

These funds join a slew of other young alternative-energy ETFs, including PowerShares Global Clean Energy Portfolio (Symbol: PBD) and First Trust Nasdaq Clean Edge U.S. Liquid Series Index (Symbol: QCLN), both launched last year.

Some professional investors are diving into the sector. Carol Miller and Dean Kartsonas, managers of Federated Capital Appreciation Fund, started buying alternative-energy stocks early this year and now devote roughly 4.5% of assets to these holdings. One of their top holdings is First Solar, a stock which also plays a starring role in each of the new solar ETFs.

The Federated managers say the industry has great growth potential. Solar power can grow 50% a year between now and 2012 and still represent less than 1% of world-wide power production, Ms. Miller says.

But the more-established alternative-energy ETFs have lately given investors a rocky ride. PowerShares WilderHill Clean Energy (Symbol: PBW) and the First Trust clean-energy ETF, for example, are both down about 19% this year through Thursday.

The new solar ETFs are likely to be similarly volatile. The Market Vectors ETF holds just 27 companies and devotes roughly 40% of assets to its top four holdings. The ETF's benchmark index fell more than 25% this year through the end of April. The Claymore solar ETF, meanwhile, holds just 25 stocks.

There are other risks for investors. If economic growth slows and energy prices fall, these holdings will likely get hurt. And some argue that an index-based fund may not be the best vehicle for alternative-energy investing because active stock pickers can help sort the winning technologies from the losers. (Source: Wall Street Journal)

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