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Solar Bric

Sunrise Solar has agreed to sell a newly developed solar lighting system called the 'solar brick.' This innovative technology includes advanced solar cells, an energy storage device and a crystal lighting system that surrounds the energy module in a square or rectangle.

The imbedded solar cell generates electricity when the sun shines and stores it in the storage device. The light is automatically activated after dark. The solar brick can be designed to light in any color.

Potential applications include rural airfields, residential solar power, building lighting, safety lights, and decorative lighting. The solar brick can operate without any connection to the electrical grid and can be imbedded in construction materials.

Detailed Product Description

Solar panel: Crystalline silicon 2V/500mA
High capacity build in battery: Ni-MH HT AAA high temperature battery
Light source. 12pcs super bright LED
Light color. Can be customized
Operation time. 8-10 hours 3-4 continous rainy days
Operation temperature. -25 to +80 centigrade degree
Material of light. Boro-silicon glass
Hardware fittings. Stainlee steel fatener and waterproof silica gel sealing washer
Size. 202mm*202mm of square; Thickness. 55mm
N.W. 3.2KGS

Solar bric

Suitable to fix public locations such as square, street, bridge, dock, garden.etc. Easy and safe in installation and use, No need to cover lines up, work automatically. High efficiency solar cell and high efficiency NI MH battery, No pollution to environment. Work normally in temperatureof -25 to +80 degrees lone life time, and various colors available.

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