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Sunrise Solar builds it business strategy on the end needs of consumers and industry. As an emerging solar products company, we intend to implement a business strategy that will deliver true value to energy consumers from individuals to large industry. A need exists for an intermediary capable of delivering new solar technology to appropriate users quickly and efficiently.

We currently have a distribution agreement with Barker Communications, Inc. which has an exclusive marketing contract with Hae Sung Solar, Ltd. in Korea. Please visit our products page for more detailed information on products we currently have available to our clients.

Why Invest in Solar Energy?
Solar energy is emerging as an investment opportunity
As current technology improves, costs predicted to drop
Solar power does not affect the food chain, like biofuels
Solar power is expected to play a larger role than wind in providing future electricity supply of the nation
Solar power market is expected to grow 40% a year through 2011

Why Invest in Sunrise Solar?
Pure Energy Production without affecting food chain
Positioned to capitialise on newest technology
Structured to deliver multi-faceted alternative energy solutions
Steadily increasing revenues for our business
Drastically decreased energy costs for our clients
A unique target client experience in this market
Steadily improving solar technology efficiency for our clients
Steadily increasing market share for our business
Strong client retention levels for our business

Press Releases

thursday June 11, 2009,
Sunrise Solar Comments on SEC Suspension
...On Friday, June 5, 2009, Sunrise Solar Corporation (OTCBB: SSLR) received an “Order of Suspension of Trading” from the Securities and Exchange Commission. The effect of the order was a complete suspension of trading of the Company’s common stock prior to market open on June 5, 2009. The order is in effect until 11:59pm on June 18th.

Commercial Applications

Solar power has many applications in the commercial sector. For example, street signs, signals, safety devices or railroad crossings may be powers by solar without the need for costly connection to the power grid. Buildings can become green power generators through the adoption of solar energy generation technology incorporated into building design. Commercial energy consumption can be significantly reduced by adding solar power cells to almost any commercial application from the sign on an office building to a remote natural gas system miles from any power line.

Sunrise Solar?s current products include solutions applicable to commercial power, commercial lighting and automotive industries. We expect to broaden our product lines in coming months to provide additional new products for commercial applications. In addition, we are exploring opportunities to license or procure patent and development rights to new technologies that we expect to have widespread commercial application.

As a new company, we will be working with commercial buyers to determine their needs, customize our applications and seek their business. We see commercial opportunities as important to our growth because commercial contracts often produce large amounts of revenue and profit.
Consumer and Residential Applications

Consumer and Residential Applications Solar energy delivers the dynamic advantage of on site distributed power generation. Because it does not require a massive capital investment in centralized plant and equipment, it can be effectively installed for individual consumer and residential applications. In Cypress, for example, nearly every home has a solar hot water heater ? a significant energy savings to individual homeowners and to the nation as a whole.

Individual solar products can run from photo voltaic systems for generating electricity to heating systems to power for individual consumer electronics. Sunrise Solar currently represents products such as a solar phone charger, solar lighting systems and solar power cells that can be used by individual consumers.

On a broader scale, we expect to explore and work toward the development of solar power systems for remote locations where electrical power is not available. We often forget that many parts of the world do not have the infrastructure necessary to deliver light and power to the people who live there. Because solar power is generated where it is used, it does not need to be connected to a legacy power grid. For that reason, we will be exploring systems that can effectively deliver light and power to remote communities and villages where electricity is not currently available. For example, a photovoltaic cell can be configured to store power during the day to run a light and computer in the evening for a family living in a hut miles from any power line. The delivery of electricity to such remote locations can change the lives of people living there by giving them access to computers, communications, and light. Distributed power will have a democratizing and equalizing power in the lives of these
Industrial Applications

Sunrise Solar will also explore the development of strategic industrial applications such as high power solar ? technologies that deliver high voltage power for industrial applications. Industrial applications require efficient inverter systems, high power storage solutions and industrial grade technology. We will work with our industry partners to explore applications meeting industrial specifications in order to deliver high power solutions for this sector.

Our initial industry partner in Korea owns patents to high?power inverter technology that facilitates industrial application of solar solutions. We will continue to explore applications for this technology and to seek additional industrial solutions within the solar industry.

As a Company, we will dedicate our efforts toward solutions in each of these focus areas and dedicate management time to the area(s) that prove most efficient for the Company in
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