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Sunrise Solar offers features and benefits that nurture an ever-growing market. We deliver an enormous amount of business management experience in alternative energy management.

Our core service is our expert consultancy for advising organizations on how to procure alternative energy contracts with public utilities. We are the leading edge in alternative energy consultancy. We utilize our understanding of solar technology to support the development of alternative energy plans for organizational clients. We also help clients choose solar companies to work with. From solar companies in Ontario to the rest of Canada and the United States.

The strengths and capabilities of our core services pertain to availability, quality, and money saved, and the ability to capitialize on the lucrative alternative energy industry that few people understand.

We serve our target clients through all of our actions and we are committed to this ethic of service.

Sunrise Solar Corp. envisions the future in terms of its dominance of the market for providing added safety for our nation's energy resources (and ultimately the world?s).

Solar Light Brick

Sunrise Solar has agreed to sell a newly developed solar lighting system called the solar brick. This innovative technology includes advanced solar cells, an energy storage device and a crystal lighting system that surrounds the energy module in a square or rectangle.

The imbedded solar cell generates electricity when the sun shines and stores it in the storage device. The light is automatically activated after dark. The solar brick can be designed to light in any color.

Potential applications include rural airfields, building lighting, safety lights, and decorative lighting. The solar brick can operate without any connection to the electrical grid and can be imbedded in construction materials.

Solar Sun Roof

This unique technology replaces the traditional glass sun roof with an advanced solar technology. In addition to generating electricity to help recharge the cars electrical system, the solar sun roof can cool a car when it is turned off and parked or heat a parked car in colder climates.

In addition to the unique advantages of managing the cars internal temperature when not in operations, we believe this solar sun roof will find valuable applications in the next generation of solar automobiles currently under development by auto manufacturers.

Solar Phone Charger

This consumer product includes both a solar cell and a USB storage device in one. It can be used to charge the battery on a laptop or cell phone. For applications where batteries need to be charged and an electrical outlet is not available, this could be an ideal solution.

This product is expected to be sold to electronics retailers for sale into the U.S. market. It is currently being introduced in Asia.

Solar Cells

Sunrise Solar will also carry a line of more traditional solar cells and solar lighting products. Solar cells are used to capture the suns energy, convert it into electricity and store in some form of electrical storage device. Solar lighting systems include the solar cell, storage device and lighting systems for applications disconnected from the power grid.
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